Ford Explorer: Electrical

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual / Electrical

Removal and Installation - Accelerator Pedal

Removal NOTICE: Activate the parking brake. NOTE: Make sure the vehicle powertrain is powered off. NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details...

Climate Control System


Other information:

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Ignition Lock Cylinder

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment Flat-Bladed Screwdriver Removal Non-functional lock cylinder NOTE: For non-functional ignition lock cylinders, replace the ignition lock cylinder housing. Remove the ignition lock cylinder housing...

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Owners Manual: Cup Holders, Center Console & Overhead Console

Cup Holders Note: Stow items in the cupholders carefully as items may become loose during hard braking, acceleration or crashes, including hot drinks which may spill. Center Console Carefully stow items in the center console as items may become loose during hard braking, acceleration or crashes...


Seatbelt Height Adjustment

WARNING: Position the seatbelt height adjuster so that the seatbelt rests across the middle of your shoulder. Failure to adjust the seatbelt correctly could reduce its effectiveness and increase the risk of injury in a crash.

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