Ford Explorer: Locking and Unlocking / Autolock (If Equipped

Ford Explorer 2020-2021 Owners Manual / Doors and Locks / Locking and Unlocking / Autolock (If Equipped

Autolock locks all the doors when

  • All doors close.
  • The ignition is on.
  • You shift into any gear putting your vehicle in motion.
  • Your vehicle reaches a speed greater than 12 mph (20 km/h)

Autolock repeats when

  • You open then close any door while the ignition is on and your vehicle speed is 9 mph (15 km/h) or lower.
  • Your vehicle reaches a speed greater than 12 mph (20 km/h).


Autounlock unlocks all the doors when

  • You stop your vehicle, place the gear selector in park, and switch the ignition off or to accessory position.
  • You open the driver door within 10 minutes of switching the ignition off or to accessory position.

Note: The doors do not autounlock if you electronically lock your vehicle after you switch the ignition off and before you open the driver door.

Enabling or Disabling Autounlock

You can enable or disable the autounlock feature in the information display or an authorized dealer can do it for you. See General Information.

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