Ford Explorer: Adaptive Cruise Control / Switching Adaptive Cruise Control On and Off

Ford Explorer 2020-2024 Owners Manual / Adaptive Cruise Control / Switching Adaptive Cruise Control On and Off

The cruise controls are on the steering wheel. See Cruise Control.

Switching Adaptive Cruise Control On

Press to set the system in standby mode.

The indicator, current gap setting and set speed appear in the information display.

Switching Adaptive Cruise Control Off

Press when the system is in standby mode, or switch the ignition off.

Note: You erase the set speed and gap setting when you switch the system off.

Automatic Cancellation or Deactivation

The system may cancel if:

  • The tires lose traction.
  • You apply the parking brake.

The system may cancel and set the parking brake if:

  • You unbuckle the seatbelt and open the driver door after you stop your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle is held at a stop continuously for more than three minutes.

The system may deactivate or prevent activating when requested if:

  • A sensor is blocked.
  • The brake temperature is too high.
  • There is a failure in the system or a related system.

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