Ford Explorer: Power Liftgate / Opening and Closing the Liftgate

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Liftgate / Power Liftgate / Opening and Closing the Liftgate

WARNING: Make sure all persons are clear of the power liftgate area before using the power liftgate control.

Note: Make sure the area behind your vehicle is free from obstruction and that there is enough room for you to operate the liftgate. Objects too close to your vehicle, for example a wall, garage door or another vehicle may come into contact with the moving liftgate. This could damage the liftgate and its components.

Note: Be careful when opening or closing the liftgate in a garage or other enclosed area to avoid damaging the liftgate.

Note: Do not leave the liftgate open when you are driving. This could damage the liftgate and its components.

Opening From the Instrument Panel

With the transmission in park (P), press the button on the instrument panel.

Opening with the Remote Control

Press the button twice within three seconds.

Opening with the Outside Control Button

  1. Unlock the liftgate with the remote control or power door unlock control. If an intelligent access key is within 3 ft (1 m) of the liftgate, the liftgate unlocks when you press the liftgate release button.

  2. Press the control button to the right of the rear view camera.

Note: Allow the power system to open the liftgate. Manually pushing or pulling the liftgate may activate the system’s obstacle detection feature and stop the power operation or reverse its direction, replicate a strut failure, or damage mechanical components.

Closing the Liftgate

WARNING: Keep clear of the liftgate when using the rear switch.

Press and release the liftgate button.

    Power Liftgate

    WARNING: It is extremely dangerous to ride in a cargo area, inside or outside of a vehicle. In a crash, people riding in these areas are more likely to be seriously injured or killed...

    Stopping the Liftgate Movement

    Note: Do not apply sudden excessive force to the liftgate while it is in motion. This could damage the power liftgate and its components. You can stop the liftgate movement by doing any of the foll..

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    4 Inch Display

    A - Tachometer.

    B - Information display.

    C - Speedometer.

    D - Fuel gauge.

    E - Engine coolant temperature gauge.

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