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Audio System

NOTE: Refer to the Owner Literature for additional details of the audio system.

AM/ FM Radio

The ACM can operate when the ignition is on or off. The accessory delay feature powers the audio system, after the ignition has been turned off, for a preset time or until a front door is opened. The ACM is connected to the vehicle network, so a scan tool can be used in diagnostics.

When the AM/ FM mode is selected, the ACM amplifies the radio waves sent from the antenna. It then selects the requested frequency, converts and amplifies the content. The ACM outputs the signals to all the speakers.

Extended Audio Play Feature

Extended audio play allows the audio system to operate with the ignition off. When the power button is pressed, the audio system activates and remains active for a period of up to 30 minutes. Extended audio play does not function if the battery load shed is active. Opening a door does not affect the extended audio play feature.

Battery Load Shed Feature

The audio system turns off after periods of engine-off activity with low battery state of charge. The display shows Battery Saver - System Off. Restarting the engine and recharging the battery resets the load shed feature.


The audio system broadcasts chimes and other driver alerts sent by various vehicle systems.

For specific chime information,
Refer to: Warning Chimes - System Operation and Component Description (413-01 Instrumentation, Message Center and Warning Chimes, Description and Operation).
Refer to: Warning Chimes - Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) (413-01) .

Speed Compensated Volume Feature

The adjustable speed-compensated volume can be turned off or set to increase audio system playback level as the vehicle speed increases.

Remote Audio Controls

The audio system can be remotely controlled from the steering wheel.

Bluetooth Mode

Bluetooth is a secure, short-range (up to 10 meters (33 feet)) wireless connection method used for wireless device communication with the audio system. The audio system supports multiple Bluetooth profiles, allowing the audio system to interact with Bluetooth enabled phones and Bluetooth-enabled media devices. While most Bluetooth-enabled devices can pair with the audio system, not all Bluetooth-enabled devices are compatible. To determine if a Bluetooth-enabled device is supported, refer to the list of compatible devices at the Ford authorized website.

The audio system supports an active connection with one Bluetooth-enabled phone and one Bluetooth-enabled media device at a time. If an additional device of either type is paired and made active, the audio system ends any active connection with an already-paired device and establishes an active connection with the new device.

USB Mode

Connecting a portable media device mass storage device (such as a MP3 player or USB flash drive) to a USB port allows media files to be played through the audio system. Playback functions (volume, seek, fast forward, pause) can be controlled with the vehicle audio controls.

The audio system can use media with embedded information (artist, album and song titles, and genre) for search and playback functions, if it is supported and correctly formatted on the media device.

Media files that do not have DRM protection or are not properly formatted on the device, cannot be played on the audio system.

The USB port allows connection and playback of portable media devices. The USB port provides standard 5 volt power and charging for portable devices.


Information from the GPS is used to determine the vehicle compass heading. The compass heading displays in the instrument cluster message center or the center display unit.

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