Ford Explorer: Capacities and Specifications / Vehicle Identification Number & Vehicle Certification Label

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Capacities and Specifications / Vehicle Identification Number & Vehicle Certification Label

Vehicle Identification Number

The vehicle identification number is on the left-hand side of the instrument panel.

Please note that in the graphic, XXXX is representative of your vehicle identification number.

The Vehicle Identification Number contains the following information:

A - World manufacturer identifier.

B - Brake system, Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, Restraint Devices and their locations.

C - Make, vehicle line, series, body type.

D - Engine type.

E - Check digit.

F - Model year.

G - Assembly plant.

Production sequence number.

Vehicle Certification Label

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Regulations require that a Safety Compliance Certification Label be affixed to a vehicle and prescribe where the Safety Compliance Certification Label may be located. The Safety Compliance Certification Label shall be affixed to either the door hinge pillar, the door latch post, or the edge of the door near the door latch, next to the driver's seating position.

    Motorcraft Parts - 3.3L

    1 If a Motorcraft oil filter is not available, use an oil filter that meets industry performance specification SAE/USCAR-36. 2 See your authorized dealer for correct replacement...

    Transmission Code Designation

    The transmission code is on the Safety Compliance Certification Label. The following table shows the transmission code along with the transmission description...

    Other information:

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    Locking and Unlocking

    You can use the power door lock control or the remote control to lock and unlock your vehicle.

    Power Door Locks

    The power door lock control is on the driver and front passenger door panels.

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