Ford Explorer: Introduction / SYMBOLS GLOSSARY

Ford Explorer 2020-2024 Owners Manual / Introduction / SYMBOLS GLOSSARY

These are some of the symbols you may see on your vehicle.

Air conditioning system

Air conditioning system lubricant  type

Anti-lock braking system

Avoid smoking, flames or sparks


Battery acid

Brake fluid - non petroleum based

Brake system

Brake system

Cabin air filter

Check fuel cap

Child safety door lock or unlock

Child seat lower anchor

Child seat tether anchor

Cruise control

Do not open when hot

Engine air filter

Engine coolant

Engine coolant temperature

Engine oil

Explosive gas

Fan warning

Fasten seatbelt


Front airbag

Front fog lamps

Fuel pump reset

Fuse compartment

Hazard flashers

Heated rear window

Windshield defrosting system

Interior luggage compartment release


Keep out of reach of children

Lighting control

Low tire pressure warning

Maintain correct fluid level

Note operating instructions

Horn control

Panic alarm

Parking aid

Parking brake

Power steering fluid

Power windows front/rear

Power window lockout

Requires registered technician

Safety alert

See Owner's Manual

See Service Manual

Service engine soon

Passenger airbag activated

Passenger airbag deactivated

Side airbag

Shield the eyes

Stability control

Hill descent control

Trail control

Windshield wiping system

Windshield wash and wipe


    Thank you for choosing Ford. We recommend that you take some time to get to know your vehicle by reading this manual. The more that you know about your vehicle, the greater the safety and pleasure..


    WARNING: Do not connect wireless plug-in devices to the data link connector. Unauthorized third parties could gain access to vehicle data and impair the performance of safety related systems...

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    Driver and Passenger Airbags

    WARNING: Do not place your arms on the airbag cover or through the steering wheel. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury.

    WARNING: Keep the areas in front of the airbags free from obstruction. Do not affix anything to or over the airbag covers. Objects could become projectiles during airbag deployment or in a sudden stop. Failure to follow this instruction could result in personal injury or death.

    WARNING: Airbags can kill or injure a child in a child restraint. Never place a rear-facing child restraint in front of an active airbag. If you must use a forward-facing child restraint in the front seat, move the seat upon which the child restraint is installed all the way back.

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