Ford Explorer: Adjusting the Steering Wheel - Vehicles With: Power Adjustable Steering Column / Memory Feature

Ford Explorer 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Steering Wheel / Adjusting the Steering Wheel - Vehicles With: Power Adjustable Steering Column / Memory Feature

You can save and recall the steering column position with the memory function. See Memory Function.

Pressing the adjustment control during a memory recall cancels the operation.

Easy Entry and Exit Feature

The column moves up when you switch the ignition off. Switch the ignition on to return the system to its previous settings. You can switch this feature on or off through the touchscreen. See Settings.

Note: If you press any adjustment or memory button when in easy exit mode, the system cancels the operation.

Note: Depending on your vehicle, the column may move up and in.

    End of Travel Position

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