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The windshield wiper/washer system is activated by the wiper/washer switch. The wiper/washer switch is either mounted to the right side of the SCCM (without police package) or is integrated into the multifunction switch (with police package). The following functions/ features of the windshield wiper/washer system are:

  • Mist wipe (without police package)
  • Windshield wash (includes front camera wash, if equipped)
  • Courtesy wipe
  • Windshield wipers (low/high speed)
  • Intermittent wipers
  • Speed dependent wipers
  • Wiper activated exterior lamps
  • Rain sensitive wipers (if equipped)
  • Rear window wipe/wash (includes rear camera wash, if equipped)
  • Heated wiper park (if equipped)
  • Heated wiper blades (if equipped)

The intermittent/rain sensitive wipers have 6 intermittent/sensitivity settings.

    Wipers and Washers


    Description and Operation - Wipers and Washers - System Operation and Component Description

    System Operation System Diagram Item Description 1 Wiper/Washer switch 2 Rain sensor 3 Washer motor 4 SCCM 5 Windshield wiper motor 6 GWM..

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