Ford Explorer: Front Suspension - RWD / Description and Operation - Front Suspension - Overview

Ford Explorer 2020-2024 Service Manual / Chassis / Suspension / Front Suspension - RWD / Description and Operation - Front Suspension - Overview


The RWD front suspension consists of the following components:

  • Lower control arms
  • Lower ball joints
  • Stabilizer bar, bushings and links
  • Ride height sensors
  • Suspensions strut and spring assemblies
  • Wheel bearings and wheel hubs
  • Wheel knuckles
  • Wheel studs

The front suspension uses a MacPherson strut system. This suspension system incorporates a strut assembly that takes the place of the upper arm and ball joint. The strut performs the function of a shock absorber and is encompassed by a coil spring. The strut and spring assembly carries the sprung weight of the vehicle and is also the pivot point for the steering knuckle or spindle. This system uses front and rear lower control arms and ball joint for the lower (unloaded) pivot points of the steering knuckle or spindle.

The vehicle is equipped with a front coil spring suspension. This independent-type suspension utilizes a stabilizer bar to aid in vehicle stability. The wheel hub and wheel bearing are sealed units and are serviced as assemblies. The rear lower ball joints can be serviced independently from the rear lower arms, but the front lower ball joint is integrated into the front lower arm and is serviced as part of that assembly.

    Front Suspension - RWD


    Diagnosis and Testing - Front Suspension


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