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Ford Explorer 2020-2023 Service Manual / Electrical / Battery and Charging System / Voltage Converter/Inverter / Description and Operation - Direct Current/Alternating Current (DC/AC) Inverter - System Operation and Component Description

System Diagram

System Operation

  Network Message Chart

Broadcast Message Originating Module Message Purpose
Power pack torque status Secondary On-Board Diagnostic Control Module C (SOBDMC) Used to determine if the vehicle is started or if torque is available.


The 110 volts AC created by the inverter measures differently than a conventional AC outlet (utility generated) with some multi-meters. The power point automatically shuts off if the load exceeds 150 watts to prevent damage to the inverter or load. The inverter supplies 110 volts AC power only when the ignition is ON. If the ignition is ON, but the vehicle is not started, the DC/ AC inverter automatically shuts off after 13 minutes. The inverter can be powered back on and the timer reset by cycling the ignition from RUN to OFF and back to RUN, but only for another 13 minutes. This feature is intended to prevent the 12-volt battery from being fully discharged. If the vehicle is started (Ready indicator light ON), the inverter operation is not time-limited.

The DC/ AC inverter time-out is controlled by a LIN circuit. The BCM transmits the vehicle status over the network to the DC/ AC inverter. Once the DC/ AC inverter stops receiving information that indicates the vehicle is started, it begins counting the amount of time the engine has not been running. If, after 13 minutes, the DC/ AC inverter still has not received information that indicates the vehicle is started, the DC/ AC inverter times out and stops supplying voltage to the AC power point.

The AC outlet is equipped with a green LED that indicates the system status. The green LED is illuminated continuously when the inverter is ON and the system is operating normally. When the inverter shuts off after 13 minutes, the LED flashes until the ignition is cycled. Additionally, the green LED flashes constantly if the ignition is ON and a fault is detected.

The DC- AC inverter has a self-protection feature for the following conditions:

  • Short circuits on the inverter output circuits: If the inverter detects a short on the output circuit(s), it shuts down. After 6 seconds, it restarts and checks for a short condition. If the condition still exists, the inverter shuts down again. The inverter restarts 5 times and, if the short still exists on the 5th restart the inverter disables AC output and flashes the green LED indicator.
  • Low voltage input: The inverter does not operate when the input voltage is less than 11 volts.
  • High voltage input: The inverter does not operate when the input voltage is greater than 16 volts.
  • Overload
  • High temperature: The inverter does not operate if it has overheated or if ambient (cabin) temperatures exceed 75 C (167 F).

If the self-protection feature is activated, the green LED indicator flashes and the DC- AC inverter does not provide power output to the AC outlet. If the LED is flashing, the problem must be corrected before DC- AC inverter operation will resume.

Refer to the Owner's Literature for a list of appropriate electrical loads/devices that can be used.

Component Description


The AC power outlet socket and inverter are replaced as separate components. The AC outlet is a standard 3-prong outlet, similar to a standard wall outlet. The contacts of the outlet exert a more powerful grip on the plug so that it does not shake loose on poor road surfaces.

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