Ford Explorer: SYNC™ 3 / SYNC™ 3 Troubleshooting

Ford Explorer 2020-2023 Owners Manual / SYNC™ 3 / SYNC™ 3 Troubleshooting

Voice Recognition

USB and Bluetooth Audio


Navigation (If Equipped)


Wi-Fi Connectivity

Personal Profiles (If Equipped)

Resetting the System

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the seek up and the audio unit power buttons until the screen goes black.
  2. Wait three minutes to allow the system to complete the reset.
  3. Press the audio unit power button to switch the system on.

Note: You can reset the system to restore functionality that has stopped working. The system reset is designed to restore functionality and not delete any data that you have stored.

Additional Information and Assistance

For additional information and assistance, we recommend that you contact an authorized dealer or refer to our website.


    Press the button to enter the settings menu. Once you select a tile, press the button next to a menu item to view an explanation of the feature or setting...


    For a complete listing of the accessories that are available for your vehicle, please contact your authorized dealer or visit the online store web site: Web Address (United States) www...

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    4 Inch Display

    A - Tachometer.

    B - Information display.

    C - Speedometer.

    D - Fuel gauge.

    E - Engine coolant temperature gauge.

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