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Ford Explorer 2020-2024 Owners Manual / Transmission / Automatic Transmission / SelectShift Automatic™ Transmission

Your vehicle is equipped with a SelectShift Automatic transmission, which gives you the ability to change gears up or down (without a clutch) as desired.

In order to prevent the engine from running at too low an RPM, which may cause it to stall, SelectShift still automatically makes some downshifts if it has determined that you have not downshifted in time. Although SelectShift makes some downshifts for you, it still allows you to downshift at any time as long as the SelectShift determines that damage to the engine from over-revving does not occur.

Note: Engine damage may occur if you maintain excessive engine revving without shifting.

Note: Vehicles may have either steering wheel controls or gearshift lever controls.

Pull the + paddle on the steering wheel or push the + button on the gearshift lever to activate SelectShift.

  • Pull the right paddle (+) to upshift.
  • Pull the left paddle (–) to downshift.

SelectShift in drive (D):

  • Provides a temporary manual mode for performing more demanding maneuvers where extra control of gear selection is required (for example, when towing or overtaking). This mode holds a selected gear for a temporary period of time dependent on driver inputs (for example, steering or accelerator pedal input).
  • You can exit selectshift by holding the (+) for 2 seconds or by driving normally.

SelectShift in manual (M):

  • Provides a permanent manual gear selection where full control of gear selection is required.
  • You can exit selectshift by push the manual (M) button plus holding the (+). This will shift you into the correct gear.

The instrument cluster displays your currently selected gear. If a gear is requested but not available due to vehicle conditions (low speed, too high engine speed for requested gear selection), the current gear flashes three times.

Note: At full accelerator pedal travel, the transmission automatically downshifts for maximum performance.

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