Ford Explorer: Seatbelts

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Seatbelts

Child Safety Locks

When these locks are set, you cannot open the rear doors from the inside. A child safety lock is on the rear edge of each rear door. You must set the child safety lock separately on each door...

Principle of Operation

WARNING: Always drive and ride with your seatback upright and the lap belt snug and low across the hips. WARNING: Children must always be properly restrained...

Other information:

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Spot Lamp

Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. Release the wedge nut. NOTE: Typical application shown. Loosen the wedge screw 6 turns. Torque: 62 (7 Nm) Press the wedge screw inward to release the wedge nut...

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual: Description and Operation - Horn - System Operation and Component Description

System Operation System Diagram Item Description 1 Clockspring 2 Horn Switch 3 SCCM 4 BCM 5 BCMC 6 Horn Horn Operation The horn switch uses sets of contacts separated by springs...


Integrated Keyhead Transmitter (If Equipped)

Use the key blade to start your vehicle and unlock or lock the driver door from outside your vehicle. The integrated keyhead transmitter functions as a programmed ignition key that operates all the locks and starts your vehicle, as well as a remote control.

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