Ford Explorer: Information Displays / Personalized Settings

Ford Explorer 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Information Displays / Personalized Settings

Select one of these options to display on your main screen.

Note: Some options may appear slightly different or not at all if the items are optional.

1 - 6 inch display only

2 - Hybrid only

After making your selection

  • Some features offer more information by pressing the OK button.
  • You can also hold OK to reset your fuel economy, trip and average speed.

Fuel Economy

An Instant Fuel Economy gauge is provided along with Average Fuel Economy. Average fuel economy is continuously averaged since the last reset.

Hybrid features:

  • When the gasoline engine is off the instant fuel economy gauge is replaced with a electric driving message.
  • For Plug-in vehicles, both electric only and hybrid operation are included in the calculation. More electric only driving will result in greater average fuel economy.

While viewing this screen you can reset your average fuel economy by pressing and holding OK.

Trip 1 and 2

Provides trip timer, trip average fuel economy and total trip distance traveled. For hybrid vehicles, the trip also shows the distance traveled on electric power only.

Hybrid Information (If Equipped)

This Trip

Provides trip timer, trip average fuel economy, total trip distance traveled, and distance traveled on electric power only with the engine off. If the gasoline engine has not turned on during the trip then trip average fuel economy is not shown. This Trip automatically resets each time you start your vehicle.

EV Coach

EV Coach can help you to get the most out of your vehicle’s electric driving and regenerative braking capabilities.

When you are accelerating or maintaining speed you will see a blue or white solid bar indicating vehicle power. You may also see a blue rectangular box which shows the power level at which the engine will turn on.

  • When your power level is within the box the color of the bar will be blue. This means you are in Electric operation and the engine is off.
  • When your power level is outside of the box the color of the bar will be white. This means you are in Hybrid operation with a combination of the electric motor and the engine providing vehicle power.

When you are decelerating with either your foot off the accelerator pedal or on the brake pedal you will see a green or white solid bar indicating the power being used to slow down the vehicle. You may also see a green rectangular box which shows the amount of power that can be recaptured by the regenerative braking system and returned to the high voltage battery.

  • When your power level is completely within the box the color of the bar will be all green. This means that the regenerative braking system is being used to efficiently slow the vehicle down and return the maximum percentage of energy to the high voltage battery.
  • When your power level is outside of the green box then the bar will be white. This means that both the regenerative braking system and conventional braking system are being used.

Electric Efficiency

Note: This feature applies to Plug-in vehicles only.

This screen shows your average driving distance per kWh of electricity used on your plug-in hybrid vehicle. The value is calculated only when your available electric range is being used and the gasoline engine is off.

Distance per full charge is also shown. This is an estimate of the electric range you would have if you plugged in and fully charged your vehicle right now. The higher your electric efficiency, the higher your distance per full charge.

Your electric efficiency is affected by your driving style and route, climate control use, outside temperature and other factors. Best efficiency is achieved in mild ambient temperatures with mild to moderate acceleration and braking, moderate speeds and low climate control usage.

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