Ford Explorer: Brake System / Hydraulic Brake Actuation

Ford Explorer 2020-2021 Service Manual / Chassis / Brake System / Hydraulic Brake Actuation

Removal and Installation - Parking Brake Switch

Removal NOTE: Removal steps in this procedure may contain installation details. NOTE: Move the front seats forward and rearward as necessary to access floor console components...

Diagnosis and Testing - Hydraulic Brake Actuation


Other information:

Ford Explorer 2020-2021 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Axle Shaft Seal

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment 205-907Handle, 32 DriverTKIT-2008DH-FLM 307-256 (T92P-77000-FH) Installer, Differential Fluid SealTKIT-1992-FLMH/LMH Removal NOTE: The stub shaft seals must be replaced whenever the halfshafts are removed...

Ford Explorer 2020-2021 Service Manual: Description and Operation - Parking Brake - System Operation and Component Description

System Operation System Diagram E338887 *.sttxt { visibility: hidden; } *.stcallout { visibility: visible; } 1 Parking Brake Control Switch 2 LH Parking Brake Actuator Motor 3 RH Parking Brake Actuator Motor ..


Child Safety Locks

When these locks are set, you cannot open the rear doors from the inside.

A child safety lock is on the rear edge of each rear door. You must set the child safety lock separately on each door.

Left-Hand Side

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