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Item Specification
Front glass sliding panel to rear fixed glass panel flushness 0.08 - (-0.04) in (2.0 - (-1.0) mm)
Front glass sliding panel to roof flushness, front -0.06 - 0.0 in (-1.5 mm - 0.0 mm)
Front glass sliding panel to roof gap, all 0.16 in (4.0 mm)
Rear fixed glass panel to roof flushness, side (at front of glass) –0.08 - 0.04 in (-2.0 - 1.0 mm)
Rear fixed glass panel to roof flushness, rear –0.06 - 0.06 in (–1.5 - 1.5 mm )
Rear fixed glass panel to roof gap, all 0.16 in (4.0 mm)

    Roof Opening Panel


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    Panoramic Roof Opening Panel The roof opening panel consists of the following: Air deflector Front sliding glass panel (sunroof) Front sliding glass panel motor (sunroof motor) Sh..

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