Ford Explorer: Drive Mode Control

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Owners Manual / Drive Mode Control

Pre-Collision Assist

WARNING: You are responsible for controlling your vehicle at all times. The system is designed to be an aid and does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention...

About Drive Mode Control

The system delivers a driving experience through a suite of sophisticated electronic vehicle systems. These systems optimize steering, handling and powertrain response...

Other information:

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual: Removal and Installation - Rear Lower Arm Ball Joint

Special Tool(s) / General Equipment 204-358Remover/Installer, Ball JointTKIT-2005P-FTKIT-2005P-ROW 204-592Separator, Lower Arm Ball JointTKIT-2006C-FFMFLMTKIT-2006C-LMTKIT-2006C-ROW 205-086 (T74P-4635-C) Installer/Remover, C-Frame and Screw Removal NOTICE: Suspension fasteners are critical parts that affect performance of vital components and systems...

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual: General Procedures - Cruise Control Radar Alignment

Activation Vertical Alignment NOTE: In order to align the CCM, the front bumper cover must be removed to access the sensor and the vehicle must be in a wheel alignment bay station so that the vehicle is level. NOTE: Damage to the CCM bracket may affect correct alignment...


Intelligent Access Key

Note: You may not be able to shift out of park (P) unless the intelligent access key is inside your vehicle.

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