Ford Explorer: Load Carrying / Rear Under Floor Storage (If Equipped)

Ford Explorer 2020-2024 Owners Manual / Load Carrying / Rear Under Floor Storage (If Equipped)

Cargo Management System (If Equipped)

The system is in the floor of the cargo area. Lift the handle to open.

Adjustable Load Floor (If Equipped)

Vehicles with the standard size spare tire can adjust the load floor to two positions. You can place the front of the load floor either on, for high position, or below, for low position, the ledges behind the rear seats. The rear of the load floor always sits on the two small shelves on the liftgate trim.

    Load Carrying


    Cargo Nets

    WARNING: This net is not designed to restrain objects during a collision or heavy braking. The cargo net secures lightweight objects in the cargo area...

    Other information:

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    The system helps reduce fuel consumption by automatically stopping and restarting the engine when your vehicle has stopped. The engine restarts automatically when you release the brake pedal. In some situations, your vehicle may restart automatically, for example: To maintain interior comfort...

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    Fastening the Seatbelts

    The front outboard and rear safety restraints in the vehicle are combination lap and shoulder belts.

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