Ford Explorer: Lighting / Lighting Control

Ford Explorer 2020-2023 Owners Manual / Lighting / Lighting Control

Lighting Control Selections

Turn the dial to make a selection.

Note: The indicator illuminates next to the active selection.

Lamps off.

Parking lamps, instrument panel lamps, license plate lamps and rear lamps.


Headlamps on.

Note: The lighting control defaults to autolamps every time you switch your vehicle on.

Switching High Beam Headlamps On and Off

Push the lever away from you to switch the high beam on.

Push the lever forward again or pull the lever toward you to switch the high beams off.

Pull the lever toward you and release it to flash the high beam headlamps.

    General Information

    Condensation in the Exterior Front Lamps and Rear Lamps Exterior front lamps and rear lamps have vents to accommodate normal changes in air pressure...


    WARNING: The system does not relieve you of your responsibility to drive with due care and attention. You may need to override the system if it does not turn the headlamps on in low visibility con..

    Other information:

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    Integrated Keyhead Transmitter (If Equipped)

    Use the key blade to start your vehicle and unlock or lock the driver door from outside your vehicle. The integrated keyhead transmitter functions as a programmed ignition key that operates all the locks and starts your vehicle, as well as a remote control.

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