Ford Explorer: Body Repairs - General Information / Description and Operation - Sealer, Underbody Protection Material and Adhesives

Ford Explorer 2020-2022 Service Manual / Body and Paint / Body and Paint / Body Repairs - General Information / Description and Operation - Sealer, Underbody Protection Material and Adhesives

NOTE: The following illustrations are examples of structural adhesive and sealer applications and are not all inclusive.

Sealers and Adhesives

The correct adhesive bonding and sealing is essential to repairing the vehicle correctly. Adhesives and sealers are used in many areas of the body structure. In addition to providing a structural bond or seal between components, adhesives and sealers can also help prevent wind noise, water leaks, exhaust fumes and dust from entering the vehicle. They also provide anti-corrosion barriers.

Hood Sealer

Front Door Sealer

Rear Door Sealer

Liftgate Sealer

Dash Panel and Floor Pan Sealer

Body Side Sealer

Roof Panel Adhesive and Sealer

Sound Deadener Materials

Sound deadening materials are necessary for NVH control of vehicles. It is paintable, very durable and has good resistance to abrasion. This material may be applied in many manners. It may be sprayed, rolled or brushed on (obtain locally).

Floor Pan NVH Control

Front Door NVH Control

Rear Door NVH Control

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